version information for cygcheck

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sat Feb 23 23:28:00 GMT 2002

Here is a patch for cygcheck that adds an option:
 -z, --version      output version information and exit

I used -z since -v is --verbose. It could also have no character 
option if that would be better. Current output is:

$ ./cygcheck.exe --version
cygcheck (Cygwin) System checker 1.2
Copyright 1998-2002 Red Hat, Inc.

I used 1.2 since 1.0 would probably confuse people (as cygcheck has been
around a long time) and there is no real version infomation available AFAIK.

This patch also changes the usage() function to accept a stream and
exit value, so that if only the --help option is specified usage will
be output to stdout instead of stderr, which is more standard behaviour.

I hope to provide similar patches for the other utils if there
are no objections.


2001-02-23 Joshua Daniel Franklin <>

* (main): added a --version option
* (usage): added parameters to accept a stream and exit value

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