version information for cygcheck

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Feb 24 15:48:00 GMT 2002

>The usual thing to do for versions is to get the CVS version number and
>apply that.

I'm assuming that lines like this in CVS/Entries give the version numbers:

/ Jan 29 03:08:42 2002/-ko/
/ Jan 17 16:54:01 2002/-ko/
/ Jan 29 18:37:00 2002//
/ Sep 14 15:07:31 2001//
/dumper.h/1.2/Thu Aug 30 16:47:51 2001//
/getfacl.c/1.5/Tue Jan 29 03:08:42 2002/-ko/
/ Oct  8 03:06:25 2001/-ko/
/mkgroup.c/1.9/Tue Jan 29 03:08:42 2002/-ko/
/mkpasswd.c/1.20/Thu Jan 31 12:43:29 2002/-ko/

I've got a problem then. Currently `cygpath --version` outputs 1.2, where it
should be 1.13 apparently. Is there a way to get the CVS version up to 1.21
with a patch? Also, if I add --version options to each util,
should I increment the version by .01 each time, so cygcheck will be v1.23,
mkgroup 1.91, etc.? I guess the question should be, does CVS automatically
increment the version by a certain amount after a patch?

Also, if I'm going to patch several files, should I tar up several 
.cc-patch files or do one big patch?


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