help/version patches

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Feb 24 21:29:00 GMT 2002

I've got patches for each of the utils to add/correct the help and
version output options. There are 13 in all. I incremented the
version number 0.01 from the ones in CVS/Entries with the
exception of cygpath. I also added a line based on one found in
strace that imbeds the compile date into the version output:

        case 'v':
          printf ("cygpath (cygwin) 1.21\n");
          printf ("Path Conversion Utility\n");
          printf ("Copyright 1998-2002 Red Hat, Inc.\n");
          fputs("Compiled "__DATE__"\n", stdout);
          exit (0);

Please someone let me know if this is a Bad Idea for some reason.
I would also very much like to know the best way to submit these.

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