Copyright years (was Re: help/version patches)

Christopher Faylor
Wed Feb 27 08:25:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 02:11:11PM +0100, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
>"Chris January" <> writes:
>> Since when have common sense and the law gone together.
>Hmm, that's a good point.  I think there was some logic to what I
>said, but that may well be irrelevant.
>> I would point out that the GCC team have recently changed all their
>> copyrights from the incorrect range format to a list of years
>> because this is simply the right thing to do from a legal point of
>> view. (see
>Ok, thanks for pointing that out.

FWIW, Chris is correct.  We need to keep the comma separated list.


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