cygpath copyright/version patch

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Wed Feb 27 14:27:00 GMT 2002

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> I've checked in a modified version of your patch.  I cleaned up some of
> the non-GNU formatting, added a ChangeLog, and added a "print_version"
> function which parses the 'version' array for version info.
Your patch looks much cleaner. I will try to read up on GNU formatting to avoid
this in the future. I assume my indenting was off. 

Here is a patch for cygpath that fixes the copyright dates I changed
incorrectly. It also uses cgf's print_version() instead of the previous
hard-coded and wrong version. (The current cygpath.exe outputs version 1.2,
while in reality the CVS version is 1.13.) The first line of the new version
output is in the GNU standard "file (package) #.##", i.e. "cygpath (cygwin)
1.13" or "ls (fileutils) 4.1". It also initializes the variable 'o' to prevent
a compiler warning.


2002-02-27 Joshua Daniel Franklin <>

* (print_version): New function.
(main): Accommodate new version function. Initialize 'o' to prevent warning.

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