My last patch to mswsock.h breaks winsock1 interface

Danny Smith
Wed Mar 6 16:37:00 GMT 2002

This patch:


	* include/mswsock.h (TP_*): Add new defines.
	(TRANSMIT_PACKETS_ELEMENT): Define new structure.
	(WSAMSG): Likewise.
	(WSACMSGHDR): Likewise.
	(DisconnectEx): Add new prototype.
	(WSARecvMsg): Likewise.
	(WSA_CMSG_*) Add empty macros, guarded by #if 0.

breaks code that includes <winsock.h> rather than <winsock2.h>.

Including <mswsock.h> from <winsock.h> causes the problem.  

I'll have it fixed by morning (NZDT) .


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