mkgroup usage/version patch

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Thu Mar 14 15:54:00 GMT 2002

--- Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> While I'm going with the decision to add a version information
> I don't understand why you changed 
> - the usage output method.  I don't like to have a big multiline format
>   string in fprintf.
Well, I could just as easily changed all the lines to 
fprintf(stream, "...
I just used :s/foo/bar/12 anyway. I did it with the multiline since 
1. That's how cygcheck, cygpath, etc. do it now
2. I find it easier to read, personally. (It looks a lot like the 
   CLI output that way)
> - the function usage() to exit instead of returning the exitcode.
Again, no reason. That's just the way some of the other utils work.
I was going for consitency in all the code in /winsup/utils

Looking at the patch on the website at
I'm seeing something else weird:
+	        print_version ();
+                exit (0);
What's this extra space? That's not in my code. Do other people see it
in their attachments, or is it just in the HTML? I already deleted the
message from myself.

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