ip.h & tcp.h

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker@freenet.de
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  I think I understand now. Previously I thought I only needed to provide
the Log Message (cvs commit -m"..."), but you are really requiring a
complete one as could be generated by CVS. So:


  In include/netinet/:
  2002-04-09  Wu Yongwei  <adah@netstd.com>
          * ip.h: Add definition for struct ip instead of including

  2002-04-09  Wu Yongwei  <adah@netstd.com>
          * tcp.h: Add definition for struct tcphdr.

  2002-04-09  Wu Yongwei  <adah@netstd.com>
          * udp.h: New file. Definition for struct udphdr.

  In include/cygwin/:
  2002-04-09  Wu Yongwei <adah@netstd.com>
          * ip.h: Remove empty file.

  [Ralf Habacker]

  1. What is with this ?

  2002-04-09  Wu Yongwei <adah@netstd.com>

    * include/netinet/ip.h (struct ip): New struct.
      removed including of <cygwin/ip.h>.
    * include/netinet/tcp.h (struct tcphdr): New struct.
    * include/netinet/udp.h: New file.
    * include/cygwin/ip.h: Removed.

  2. Create 2 directories in your home dir. For example one like
org/include/... with the original header files and one like new/include/..
only containing the patched files.

          mkdir org
          mkdir org/include
          mkdir org/include/netinet
          mkdir org/include/cygwin
        cp ...

        mkdir new
        mkdir new/include
        mkdir new/include/netinet
        cp ...

      Then you can do a

         diff -ubBpN org new  >include_netinet.patch

      in your home dir and send the file_netinet.patch to the list.


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