ChangeLog indentation

Christopher Faylor
Tue Apr 9 22:26:00 GMT 2002

I just deleted a long reply to this message.

I realized that I'd just be repeating myself.

However, I'll try to briefly make a couple of points:

- The contrib web page says to model your entry on winsup/ChangeLog.

- If you can download files via the web, you can download a ChangeLog

- AFAICT, I never mentioned anything about tabs.  I only said that
  Ralf Habacker got the indentation wrong.  You should go back and
  actually look at the changes that I made.  It wasn't the lack of
  a tab that I was referring to.  It was the "hanging indent" style.
  I actually made a couple of other changes there too.  All of the
  changes were for problems listed under "Improper ChangeLog

That's it for me.


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