[PATCH]setup.exe mklink2.cc some function arguments need to be pointers

Michael A Chase mchase@ix.netcom.com
Thu Apr 18 18:20:00 GMT 2002

It looks like you are building in a branch.  The version of mklink2.cc I
have from the main branch is

static const char *cvsid =
  "\n%%% $Id: mklink2.cc,v 2.1 2002/03/26 00:25:15 rbcollins Exp $\n";

The most recent patch you applied to mklink2.cc (announcement attached) is
identical to my proposed patch, but it was applied in

 static const char *cvsid =
  "\n%%% $Id: mklink2.cc,v 2002/04/12 06:21:27 rbcollins Exp $\n";

The changelog for that is
2002-04-12  Robert Collins  <rbtcollins@hotmail.com>

* mklink2.cc (make_link_2): Tweak to work with current w32api headers.
Mac :})
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Well if you recall I had the opposite code in place (as far as I can
tell without an actual patch), and that didn't compile for a different
set of users. I completely rebuild my OS the other day, and after that
I've needed the patch. That seemed a strong indication that the w32api
was the culprit..


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> arguments need to be pointers
> Not to be a pain about this - but this have been reported
> several times in the
> past and I am running Win2000 and have the W32api-1.3-2
> installed.  I haven't
> seen any other w32api come down the pike so that appears to
> be the most recent.
> I have the patch - just took it out and no compile - put it
> back and it does
> compile.
> Not sure what Mike's OS or yours Robert or if it even makes a
> difference but I
> thought I would point out mine is Win2k.  I also have my just
> updated my CVS
> for cinstall so it is current.
> I know this is a me2 but I thought I would add what I could.
> Bk

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