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Charles Wilson
Thu Apr 25 09:31:00 GMT 2002

Charles Wilson wrote:

>>> Hey, yeah -- that'll work.  Where should generic-* go -- in one of 
>>> the existing repositories under cygwin-apps (probably not), or should 
>>> I create another?  If I should create another, what should it be 
>>> called? resources?
>> Hmm. Lets be a bit more specific - why not call the module "packaging".
>> Then the generics can go in /templates or /samples or something like
>> that.
> sounds find to me.
> packaging/
> packaging/ChangeLog
> packaging/templates/
> packaging/templates/generic-build-script
> packaging/templates/generic-readme

Okay -- I've done this.  But, I've run into a snag: the cygwin-apps 
repository is not accessible via cvsweb.  Can somebody apply this patch 
to the file 'cvsweb.conf' in the 'cgi-bin' module of the 'sourceware' 
repository? (I don't have write access to that module).


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