SSH -R problem

Pierre A. Humblet
Tue Apr 30 18:57:00 GMT 2002

At 10:12 AM 4/30/2002 -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>Now I have never observed this myself, and don't have a strong opinion.
>Do we have a reproducible case to understand exactly what's going on?

I found the nice example by Jonathan Kammen, using socketpair()
The weird thing is that I can't get it to misbehave on Win98/ME,
even with a Cygwin dll without the linger hack. I will try on NT.
If it's confirmed that there is no such problem on Win98/ME, then
the ssh -R issue could be solved without risk by using linger only 
on NT and making the socket blocking with no linger only on Win95...

>So an ideal fix would detect "end of life" situations. Here is a brain 
>storming idea: on a Cygwin close(), do a shutdown(.,2), free the Cygwin
Oops, absolutely no shutdown().


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