[PATCH] Get recursive grep to work on Win9x

Christopher Faylor cgf-cygwin@cygwin.com
Sun May 12 12:23:00 GMT 2002

On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 05:33:04PM +0200, Ton van Overbeek wrote:
>The patch is simple. It makes use of the wincap.can_open_directories()
>capability, which seems to be foreseen for exactly this type of problems.
>However I could not find an other place where this capability is used
>in the cygwin.dll.
>Patch attached: fhandler.diff

Thanks for the patch.

I've checked in a slightly different version which should have the same

I appreciate the time you spent tracking this down and researching the
correct method for fixing this.  I used roughly the same technique as
you but moved it to only affect the opening of disk files.  Hopefully,
it will fix your problem.

Btw, for future reference, your patch was reversed.  It should have been
diff -u foo.orig foo, i.e. the original file goes first.

Thanks again for tracking this down.


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