long-option kill patch

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadfranklin@yahoo.com
Mon May 13 06:07:00 GMT 2002

--- Christopher Faylor <cgf@redhat.com> wrote:
> On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 08:30:09PM -0700, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> >Is there something wrong with the patch for kill.cc?
> >It's a very simple patch:
> >
> >http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-patches/2002-q2/msg00146.html
> >
> >I'd be happy to fix it if there is something wrong, but I'm
> >not psycic about what...
> As I'd previously indicated, I preferred if the option processing was
> done via getopt.  I just checked in a patch to do that.  I also
> implemented the -l and -s options.
> Sorry for not providing feedback, I'd had a partial implementation
> sitting in my sandbox and I just polished it off tonight.

I'm impressed. After I saw the util-linux version of kill didn't use
getopt I gave up on it. Obviously, I'll stick with being an admin...

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