New stat stuff (was [PATCH] improve performance of stat() operations (e.g. ls -lR ))

Conrad Scott
Wed May 29 05:50:00 GMT 2002

"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote:
> I think you're running run.exe from Chuck Wilson's site.

Umm . . . (quick check). No: it's the copy from the current version of
XFree-startup-scripts (4.2.0-2). I was using it in this case without an X
server running (it's always happily worked either way, with or without).

> I managed to
> duplicate this behavior.  Apparently it happens because valid looking
> handles exist for stdin/stdout/stderr even when a program is linked with
> -mwindows.
> My new code attempted to do something with the handles and NT did
> something nonsensical.  I've worked around the behavior.  It's checked in
> and in the next snapshot.

Thanks: I've picked that up and it works fine now.

// Conrad

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