Patch for sub-second resolution in stat(2)

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jun 5 17:34:00 GMT 2002

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 01:28:08AM +0100, Conrad Scott wrote:
>After Chris's exciting news that my assignment has reached RedHat, here's a
>This adds sub-second resolution to the access, modification, and creation
>times returned by stat(2) etc. I thought this would make a nice companion to
>Corinna's work on making other things in stat(2) be 64-bit.
>Also, I was having trouble with a makefile where the commands could execute
>in less than a second leading to irregular breakage: this patch fixes that.
>I've checked that this maintains both source and binary compatibility (tho'
>it does add macros for st_mtime etc. to hide the indirection involved).


>I'm unclear whether this is the best naming / type scheme but it is one
>recognised by both the make and fileutils packages available from the cygwin
>setup (i.e. make this patch and re-compile those packages and they detect
>the new fields).

As long as there's precedent...  Is this how linux does it too?

>I've provided two separate patches: one for types.h (in the newlib.patch)
>and one for the cygwin sources (in winsup.patch). The changelog entries are:
>Changelog message:
>* types.h (timespec_t timestruc_t): New typedefs.

newlib patches should be sent to the newlib mailing list.

>Changelog message:
>* (fhandler_base::fstat):
>* (fhandler_disk_file::fstat_helper):
>* (*fhandler_process::fstat)
>* glob.c (stat32_to_STAT):

I see from your next message that you're probably sending a better
ChangeLog.  :-)

I'll let Corinna comment on the patch itself.  It looks good to me, but
she's been modifying this code a lot lately so she has a better feel for


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