Add new -T|--toggle option to strace

Conrad Scott
Thu Jun 6 18:07:00 GMT 2002

As per a discussion yesterday with Chris, I've added a new option to
strace, -T or --toggle, to toggle tracing in a process already being

One other change I made was to replace a use of ExitProcess() with
exit() --- otherwise some error messages didn't appear since the stdio
buffers weren't being flushed.

I've also updated the section for strace in utils.sgml. I know that Joshua
has been holding off on changing utils.sgml (see so I
don't know whether you want this update or not. It's not much more than a
cut and paste from the usage message in

ChangeLog appended here and attached (to keep its format out of Outlook's

// Conrad

2002-06-07  Conrad Scott  <>

 * (toggle): New global variable.
 (error): Use exit instead of ExitProcess so that stdio buffers get
 (create_child): Remove command line error checking.
 (dostrace): Ditto.
 (dotoggle): New function.
 (usage): Add entry for new option -T|--toggle. Alphabetize.
 (longopts): Add new option -T|--toggle.
 (opts): Ditto.
 (main): Handle new -T|--toggle option. Move all command line checking
 here from other functions.
 * utils.sgml: Update section for strace.

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