Mount interaction with /dev & /proc entries

Chris January
Sat Jun 15 05:07:00 GMT 2002

> >Before anyone else gets there, I'll reply to my own message (what a
> >change).
> >
> >The patch I just sent for breaks (at least) find(1) on
> >/proc/registry -- it doesn't descend into it at all. Sorry.
> >
> >So I've got something wrong in my understanding of the cygwin/win32
> >stuff (which doesn't surprise me). It still seems that something like
> >this change should be made. One difference betwen /proc and /dev is
> >that the /dev fs doesn't contain any directories. I'll go look some
> >more.
> Conrad -- I wouldn't bother investigating this for now.
> I have been sitting on the beginnings of a rewrite for the mount stuff.
> I think that 1.3.12 (or whatever) should have some improvements in this
> regard.
> Thanks for pointing out the problem with /proc, though.  You're right that
> it should still be visible during a chroot.  I'm not too worried about
> for 1.3.11, though.
Well, when I was writing the /proc stuff, I wrote it on the premise there
was an imaginary proc filesystem mounted a /proc. This means if you chroot,
that filesystem won't be mounted at /proc anymore and hence it is correct
that /proc doesn't work. i.e. the path handling is done with mount points in
I would argue, as Chris F has suggested above, that this is best left for
the re-write of the mount stuff.


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