Patch to add NtShutdownSystem() to w32api

egor duda
Sun Jun 16 05:44:00 GMT 2002


Sunday, 16 June, 2002 Earnie Boyd wrote:

EB> egor duda wrote:
>>   NtShutdownSystem() is crude no-caches-flushed-and-no-apps-notified
>> but almost always working way to restart nt system.

EB> Uh, these aren't yet a part of w32api.  Cygwin, supplies a header for
EB> one in winsup/cygwin and I know that both WINE and ReactOS both have
EB> their own versions.  We have discussed on the mingw-dvlpr list of
EB> possibly adding this so that everyone doesn't have to invent new
EB> wheels.  I see that you have a new file for ntdll.h but from where did
EB> you get your ntdll.def?

Huh? Hasn't it just been added to winsup/w32api/lib?

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