Reorganizing internal_getlogin() patch is in

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jun 18 04:39:00 GMT 2002

"Pierre A. Humblet" wrote:
> At 10:00 PM 6/17/2002 -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >>>I don't understand what you mean by "env" and "/bin/env".  The type command
> >>>in bash tells me that env == /bin/env.
> >I'm sorry but I'm still not getting it.  "type bin" returns "command not
> >found" on my system.  AFAIK, I only have one "env" command and it is
> >"/usr/bin/env".
> Dyslexia, I meant "type env" returns /usr/bin/env, which is on a cygexec
> drive. So your optimization kicks in when I type "env".
> /bin/env invokes exactly the same program, but somehow it's not recognized
> as being on a cygexec drive and your optimization does not kick in.

You must mount the /bin as a cygexec mount point for that to work.


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