Error output from maint scripts

Conrad Scott
Tue Jun 18 15:04:00 GMT 2002

I've been using Robert's maint scripts now that I've been committing
stuff into cvs and they work really well (except when I get something
wrong: no disasters yet tho'). One minor issue is that some of the
error messages go to stdout, which isn't too useful when some of the
scripts are intended to be run with their output re-directed to a file
(particular for those of us who can't ever type a command right first

So, a little patch to put all the error messages on stderr.

// Conrad

2002-06-18  Conrad Scott  <>

 * cvsclosebranch: Send error messages to stderr.
 * cvsmerge: Ditto.
 * cvsmergeinit: Ditto.
 * cvsmkbranch: Ditto.
 * cvsmkpatch: Ditto.

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