cygserver patch

Conrad Scott
Tue Jun 18 16:21:00 GMT 2002

I've been committing a sequence of patches for cygserver on the
cygwin_daemon branch over the last few days and I was thinking it was
about time to submit the current batch for consideration for the
mainline. I've attached a cumulative ChangeLog for the individual
patches and a bzip'ed patch file. (I've not appended the entire
ChangeLog here as it's rather long.) This patch is against the current
HEAD version, which I merged into the branch yesterday. Nicholas
Wourms has kindly downloaded the branch version and confirmed that it
works on a non-NT platform. I've also successfully run the ipctests
and has the server running continually while I've been developing. In
other words, I don't seem to have broken anything :-)

Which is all well and good, but what have I actually done? Summary:

* Conditionalize the security code so that cygserver works on non-NT
* Refactor the client request classes for greater encapsulation and to
support variable length requests.
* Add new interfaces for the (eventual) implementation of ipcs(8).
* Add definitions of the strace XXX_printf macros to allow code to use
these whether it's compiled for the DLL or for the daemon.
* Several minor C++ related changes: for example, making some methods
pure virtual, and adding virtual destructors throughout as required.
* Add --version and --help options.
* Add checking for an existing instance of the daemon to avoid having
multiple copies running.
* Some more error checking throughout.

In other words, almost nothing shm related as it's not quite finished,
so I've not checked any of that into the branch as yet. This is all
just groundwork :-)

[One thing to note about this patch is that it includes a new file,
"woutsup.h". I only mention this in case anything special needs to be
done in cvs if/when the patch is committed.]

I hope this is all fine and that someone has a chance to look it over
sometime soon-ish.


// Conrad

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