Windows username in get_group_sidlist

Pierre A. Humblet
Mon Jun 24 16:49:00 GMT 2002


Now that get_group_sidlist () knows pw, it would be easy to
lookup the domain from passwd, instead of using LookupAccountSid.
This avoids over-the-network lookups for domain users.

I would actually read passwd by calling extract_nt_dom_user (),
modifying it to first read the domain from the passwd file, and 
if that fails, use LookupAccountSid [currently it tries 
LookupAccountSid first, getting the sid from passwd]. 

What do you think?


Christopher Faylor wrote:
> What we really need is a "patch --fix-outlook-whitespace-botch".

Actually it was Eudora. Don't know what happened. I may have 
accidentally inserted a space.

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