Serial patch programming

Jacek Trzcinski
Mon Jul 1 07:39:00 GMT 2002

Hello Corinna !
Last week I sent assignment considering my serial programming patch and
other future works for Cygwin.
I guess I should wait for acknowledge from You or Chris ?
My question concers any additional work concerned with the patch. As I
remember version I sent last year was not good from the formal point of
view( sources were not conforming to GNU coding.). I fixed it then and
the corrected patch laid on my hard disk until now. During last year
there were created other new versions of cygwin.dll(unfortunately, I did
not trace it) so I guess my patch is not suitable and I should check any
latest version of cygwin sources and create new patch? If so, what
version of Cygwin sources should I take into account.

Best regards

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