printfs in cygserver?

Conrad Scott
Fri Jul 5 04:26:00 GMT 2002

"Conrad Scott" <> wrote:
> In case it's
> something you'd like fixed immediately, attached is a (slightly
> updated) copy of a patch I previously submitted to Rob that,
> among other things, changes the cygserver code to use the
> xxx_printf calls from "strace.h".  I'd be happy for this to
> go into HEAD; it's not a functionality patch, more of a brisk
> clean-up and rub-down patch :-)

Just to clarify, I'm also happy for it *not* to go into HEAD, i.e.
I've got no strong desire to merge anything from the cygwin_daemon
branch as yet.  The changes might just as well sit on the branch
until the cygserver reaches a "releasable" state (e.g. a
reasonably full SysV IPC implementation?) and then all of it be
merged in one go.

// Conrad

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