Conrad Scott
Fri Jul 12 14:13:00 GMT 2002

I've been looking at cygwin.din (again) for a couple of reasons.
While I was there I noticed a couple of issues and I've attached a
patch for one (obvious?) typo.

i) The entries for read(2) are:

    read = read

  I've included a patch to make this:

    read = _read

  (this crept in at 1.49, June this year, by the looks of it).

ii) There's a rather suspicious entry in this file:

    barfly = write

  Uh? or am I missing a joke here?

iii) How should I go about adding the new SysV IPC entry points?
Rob added some as `shmat' etc. (i.e. just one entry, no
underscore) but should these instead follow the `read' pattern
above (i.e. as two entries, one with a leading underscore)?

iv) More generally, why are there these two symbols (with and
without the leading underscore) anyhow?  Any pointers for some
information on this gratefully received.

// Conrad

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