Conrad Scott
Fri Jul 12 14:58:00 GMT 2002

"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote:
> >iii) How should I go about adding the new SysV IPC entry
> >Rob added some as `shmat' etc. (i.e. just one entry, no
> >underscore) but should these instead follow the `read' pattern
> >above (i.e. as two entries, one with a leading underscore)?
> No underscore for these.  The underscores are to be
> MSVC compliant.  I think that MSVC added the underscore
> versions to be POSIX compliant or something.
> I wish cygwin had never exported them.

Thanks Chris, this means that my simple-minded following of Rob's
example was correct then.

> I went through a while ago and got rid of the newlib
> wrappers that just have write() call _write() since
> I didn't understand the point of having a wrapper
> doing something that the linker could do for
> you automatically.  The above typos are fallout from that.

BTW your changelog entry for the typo-correction has a typo in it
:-)  There's probably a law about how many times it takes to get a
change right: small changes and typos seem to be up in the double
figures some days.

// Conrad

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