serial patch - second attempt

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Jul 23 07:50:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 09:52:45AM +0200, Jacek Trzcinski wrote:
> 13 July 2002 Jacek Trzcinski <>
>     * fhandler.h (class fhandler_serial): Add new members of 
>     the class - rts,dtr and method ioctl(). Variables rts and dtr
>     important for Win 9x only.
>     * (fhandler_serial::open): Add initial setting
>     of dtr and rts. Important for Win 9x only.
>     (fhandler_serial::ioctl): New function. Implements commands TIOCMGET,
>     (fhandler_serial::tcflush): Fixed found error.
>     (fhandler_serial::tcsetattr): Add settings of rts and dtr. Important
>     for Win 9x only. 
>     * termios.h: Add new defines as a support for ioctl() function
>     on serial device.

It's applied.  Today I've changed the

	if (!wincap.is_winnt ())

to using a new capability

	if (wincap.must_init_serial_line ())

which is set to true for each 9x/Me, to false for NT/2K/XP.

If you think that the name of the new capability is inappropriate,
please suggest another name.


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