qt patch for winnt.h

Robert Collins robert.collins@syncretize.net
Thu Jul 25 17:31:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 08:00, Chris January wrote:
> > > >Perhaps you would prefer this better.  I changed the ifdef to be

> I would suggest adding the patch for winnt.h to the source distribution for
> qt and let the user apply it themselves if they wish to compile KDE on their
> systems. If necessary we can add a configure check to ensure the patch has
> been applied (and remind the user to do it if it hasn't been). This step
> should be documented in the appropriate README, of course. There is
> currently a similar check in place to ensure the user is using  a compatible
> version of libtool.

I think I've seen most of the thread now... and I think that this
approach will cause headaches for the QT guys, if sizeof (NT HANDLE) !=
size(uint) - which is the case IIRC on itanium.
I understand the problem you have, and would like to suggest a different
approach to solving it.

Create a compatability source file that contains *all* the native WIN32
calls (and as much of the surrounding logic as makes sense). Expose
those calls with API's that match the u int HANDLE type you are passing
around. Inside that one source file and it's header you can use
something like:

typedef uint QTHANDLE;
extern QTHANDLE myfunc1 (....);

and gcc will consider the function to be the same as
extern HANDLE myfunc1(...); 
in a 'pure' source file.

Just a thought.


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