Christopher January
Tue Sep 3 03:32:00 GMT 2002

The flaw is actually in the /proc fhandler. The /proc implementation should be 
compatible with the Linux one and hence Linux /proc-based utilities (e.g. 
procps). The problem is that procps reports the effective user ID in the user 
ID column and the /proc fhandler currently reports the effective user ID as 
the user ID of the calling process (this is probably incorrect).
The procps utilities have only been modified to compile on Cygwin. They 
haven't been changed in any other way. Therefore if they report the wrong 
values it is the /proc fhandler that is at fault, not the procps package, 
because the /proc fhandler should behave just like the Linux /proc filesystem 
that the procps utilities were written for.
Hope that makes sense!


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