cygwin_daemon merge

Conrad Scott
Sat Sep 21 12:30:00 GMT 2002

The attached patch is the (small) subset of the cygwin_daemon merge that
I need clearance on.  The files affected are:


There are just two changes reflected here:

* The code only connects to cygserver when necessary, rather than at
startup.  This is also the reason for the changes to the
`cygserver_running' checks.

* The cygserver request objects are now stack rather than heap

I've not attached the whole patch since it is about 300Kb (oops); the
accumulated ChangeLog entries alone amount to over a 1000 lines.  If
anyone wants to see this, I'll happily post it or put it up on my
website.  Effectively I'm intending to merge all outstanding changes
except for those to cygwin.din, i.e., I'm excluding all the System V IPC
entry points.


// Conrad
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