Make ip.h and tcp.h work under -fnative-struct or -fms-bitfields

Wu Yongwei
Sun Oct 27 22:58:00 GMT 2002

These header files use "u_int xxx:4, yyy:4", which in the MS convetion
will generate 4-byte instead of 1-byte bit fields.

A trivial alignment problem owing to my previous slip is also corrected.

Sorry that it is inconvenient for me to diff against CVS. But I use only
one diff file so it should be no problem.

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei



2002-10-28  Wu Yongwei <>

	* ip.h (struct ip): Use u_char to indicate bitfields to make it
	work with -fnative-struct/-fms-bitfields.
	(struct ip_timestamp): Ditto.
	* tcp.h (struct tcphdr): Ditto.
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