select on serial fix

Charles Wilson
Fri Nov 15 12:34:00 GMT 2002

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

 > If you're feeling motivated, mkfifo() still needs implimenting ;-).

IIRC, fifo operation needs the cygwin daemon.  No sense in implementing 
mkfifo() if the fifo itself doesn't work.  Whatever happened to the 
daemon work?  conrad, oh con-rad...

As cgf asked on 11/4: "Status of cygserver?"
and on 11/5: "Anyone interested in checking out dgram socket problem 
(Conrad you still here?)"

Sadly, the first message elicited no replies; Thomas Pfaff picked up the 
second one -- but his solution didn't involve the cygserver code.

It seems that Conrad's last messages on any cygwin list were these:

"Re: cygwin_daemon merge"

"cygserver usage questions"

and the astoundingly beautiful
"Re: So now you're a BigShot now? (clarification re. "MinGW Glib")

Looks like Conrad disappeared circa 9/30/02.  Nobody told me to expect 
company on my vacation; I haven't seem him around these parts...


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