PATCH: Implementation of functions in netdb.h

Craig McGeachie
Mon Nov 18 17:16:00 GMT 2002

On 18 Nov 2002 at 17:57, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Why?

I am looking for house and job, and staying with a friend, who runs a 
small LAN, shares the dialup connection, and is sufficiently paranoid 
to run a firewall setup with mail and HTTP relaying (amongst others) - 
no exceptions.

> but I will note that putting a "Cygwin internal" comment in front of
> static functions isn't adding any useful information. 

I need more comments anyway.  Just testing the water before I go all 
out adding them.  I put "Cygwin internal" in because that is what I saw 
in, and I thought it might be some sort of standard.

> Otherwise, from a cursory glance, it looks fine.  You will definitely
> need to send in an assignment.

Will do.  It'll take maybe a week to arrive from New Zealand.  In the 
meantime I have to tidy up the submission a bit.

I've tried to compile the source for Cygwin 1.3.15-2 prior to putting in, but I am having problems with  With 
the rewrite of fhandler_serial::ioctl, and the inclusion of 
ddk/ntddser.h, I can no longer compile.  I have copy of the W2K DDK, 
and tried pointing the compiler at the include directory there, but 
unsurprisingly this doesn't work.  Is there a Cygwin version of the DDK 
headers that I should use, in the same way that w32api provides a 
Cygwin version of the Win32 SDK headers?

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