More passwd/group patches

Pierre A. Humblet
Sun Nov 24 08:28:00 GMT 2002

At 05:08 PM 11/24/2002 +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>The appropriate changes to would collide with your patch
>so I'd like to ask you if you want me to make the necessary changes
>to comply with Solaris first and then to send a revised patch, or
>if you want to incorporate these changes into your patch, too?


Between the two proposals I prefer the first (you make the change first).
The don't like the second much, because there is a possibility of 
There is also a third possibility: apply the patch and then fix it to
match solaris. That may minimize the overall amount of work and 

I have been working on the home directory problem but can't reproduce 
I don't see anything wrong with his passwd file. Do you?



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