More passwd/group patches

Pierre A. Humblet
Sun Nov 24 13:10:00 GMT 2002

At 08:02 PM 11/24/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>+  if (aclbufp) {
>+    if (EqualSid (owner_sid, group_sid))
>+      lacl[0].a_perm = lacl[1].a_perm;
>+    aclsort (pos, 0, aclbufp);
>+    if (pos > nentries)
>+      pos = nentries;
>     memcpy (aclbufp, lacl, pos * sizeof (__aclent16_t));
>-  aclsort (pos, 0, aclbufp);
>+  }
>Do you see the problem?

Oops, yes. I have aclsort (pos, 0, ACLU);
There is another strange thing in there that I should have mentioned:
we are returning success even if the user gives us an ACLU that's 
tohasmall. Is that how Sun does it? 
I thought that if we were doing that, we should return the first
Acts after sorting them. That's why I moved the sort up. 


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