PATCH: Implementation of functions in netdb.h

Craig McGeachie
Thu Dec 5 02:22:00 GMT 2002

On 4 Dec 2002 at 15:47, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >please use strtok_r().  It helps to avoid clashes with the application
> >using strtok() as well.

Righto.  Not a problem.

> It's not a simple job by any means but maybe the code in perthread.h
> will provide a clue. 

It doesn't look outrageously hard.  As I understand it, I should:
 - declare a subclass of per_thread into perthread.h for
   whatever data uses.
 - declare a single global instance of this subclass in perthread.h
 - define the global instance in
 - add it to threadstuff in
 - use the global instance, with its get and create methods, in instead of the static varibles.

Have I missed something?

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