[PATCH] to_slave pipe is full fix

Steve O bub@io.com
Sun Dec 15 12:42:00 GMT 2002

Here is the next tty patch.  The previous patches have provided
the ground work for accept_input () to fail.  This patch makes accept_input
fail if the slave tty pipe is full.  In the current cygwin code this
will only get called in rather extreme situations. 


2002-12-15  Steve Osborn  <bub@io.com>

	* fhandler_termios.cc (fhandler_termios::line_edit): Return 
	line_edit_error and remove last char from readahead buffer 
	if accept_input() fails.
	* fhandler_tty.cc (fhandler_pty_master::accept_input): Return 0 
	and restore readahead buffer when tty slave pipe is full.

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