Minor additions to winbase.h and ntdll.def

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 16 07:07:00 GMT 2002

Hartmut Honisch wrote:
>>>- Changed NMPWAIT_WAIT_FOREVER constant from (-1) to 0xffffffff (like in
> I have a piece of own code that passes NMPWAIT_WAIT_FOREVER as a parameter
> to CallNamedPipe. The compiler gave me a warning because the function
> prototype expected a DWORD value which by definition cannot be negative. So
> it's obviously a (minor) bug in cygwin's header files, which I thought the
> cygwin folks might be interested in to fix.

They just happen to be used in Cygwin and just happen to be CVSed in the 
winsup/w32api directory, but the MinGW team maintain them.

>>Looking at Microsoft's header files and making changes to w32api is not
> Technically, I didn't do it that way. I just mentioned that to avoid
> discussions like that one, since cygwin's headers shouldn't differ from
> Microsoft's headers regarding the value of numeric constants.

Such differences help provide defense to copyright enfringement claims.

>>You'll have to find the MSDN documentation and provide the
> There are no references in MSDN that show the numeric value of that
> constant - at least I can't find any. So I wonder how (-1) got there in the
> first place.

Then, your patch can't be accepted.  The foremost prerequisite for 
changes to the w32api is the documentation that warrants the change. 
Here is an example of a proper bug report.

Bugs item #653761, was opened at 2002-12-14 17:19
You can respond by visiting:

Category: w32api
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Dimitri Papadopoulos (dimitri_at)
Assigned to: Earnie Boyd (earnie)
Summary: missing CPLPAGE_*

Initial Comment:
Header cplext.h defines only:

The following are missing from w32api:



Dimitri could have supplied a patch but the information and 
documentation reference are still needed.


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