Where to put my basename() and dirname() implementation...

Elfyn McBratney elfyn-cygwin@exposure.org.uk
Wed Jan 15 20:28:00 GMT 2003

Sorry I'm still at work and my source is at home so as soon as I get home I
will send off this magical patch.

While on the topic of copyright assignment would this be required? The patch
adds about 40-50 lines...


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Subject: Re: Where to put my basename() and dirname() implementation...

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >
> > I don't want to add any more libiberty routines to cygwin since the
> > licensing is suspect.  So, please follow the normal submission rules.
> > Probably miscfuncs.cc is the place to add this.
> >
> That make sense.  Unlike many of the other functions in libiberty, The
> basename() function itself in libiberty/basename.c is public domain --
> which may be good for our purposes, or it may be bad (I dunno, and cgf
> has already made the call: it's "suspect". Fair enough.)  In any case,
> it does no harm to have "our" own version that can be copyright-assigned
> to Red Hat and distributed under the Cygwin license.
> --Chuck

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