230.4Kbps serial support - patch #2

Troy Curtiss tcurtiss@qcpi.com
Fri Jan 17 07:08:00 GMT 2003

  This patch rounds out the 230.4Kbps support in
fhandler_serial::tcsetattr() - this check probably should have been there
all along, but now catches any invalid DCB parameters (ie. trying to set an
invalid bitrate for a given port) and returns w/ errno = EINVAL as POSIX
dictates.  Can you review and check this in before 1.3.19 is released?


2003-01-16  Troy Curtiss <troyc@usa.net>

 * fhandler_serial.cc (fhandler_serial::tcsetattr): return w/ errno = EINVAL
 if SetCommState() fails w/ invalid DCB parameter (eg. will catch attempts
 to set bitrates not supported by a given port.)
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