doc patch for CYGWIN codepage=, regtool

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Mon Feb 3 00:38:00 GMT 2003

I've checked in this documentation patch that fixes a couple of things. 
There was talk of a codepage:none option, but it's not in cygwin yet
so I'm ignoring it for now. 

I missed the regtool patch that added -K way back in August

but it would be great to get patches for utils.sgml whenever a util
is patched, or at least a heads-up.

2003-02-02  Joshua Daniel Franklin <>

        * cygwinenv.sgml: Add section for "CYGWIN codepage:[ansi|oem]"
        * dll.sgml: Add pointer to GCC website for more information
        * utils.sgml: Update regtool for -K,--key-separator option

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