PATCH: Implements /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/partitions

Chris January
Thu Mar 6 23:43:00 GMT 2003

> Chris January wrote:
> >
> > 2003-03-06  Christopher January  <>
> >
> > 	* include/winbase.h (FindFirstVolume): Add declaration.
> > 	(FindNextVolume): Add declaration.
> > 	(FindVolumeClose): Add declaration.
> > 	(GetSystemTimes): Add declaration.
> > 	* include/winnt.h: Add define for PF_XMMI64_INSTRUCTIONS_AVAILABLE.
> >
> Do you plan to use these API?  You'll need to supply a corresponding
> patch to the appropriate .def file in the lib directory.

The Cygwin DLL uses to load its functions so it works without
the .def entries. Of the above I only use GetSystemTimes anyway. Do you want
the .def entries for completeness then? I was really providing a patch
against Cygwin, not w32api. I'm not really up to speed on what's necessary
for a w32api patch.


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