/proc/cpuinfo fix

Chris January chris@atomice.net
Tue Mar 18 01:45:00 GMT 2003

This patch changes Corinna's fix for the IsProcessorFeaturePresent missing
export so that the cpuid instruction is called (if available) even on non-NT
systems, giving more detailed information. This patch does not allow for the
bug in IsProcessorFeaturePresent on Windows NT 4 (i.e. on 486DX processors
it will incorrectly report that an FPU is not present).
This patch is UNTESTED on Windows 95/98/Me since I can't do that until

2003-03-18  Christopher January  <chris@atomice.net>

	* fhandler_proc.cc (format_proc_cpuinfo): Use IsProcessorFeaturePresent
	only on Windows NT. Read CPU Mhz value only on NT. Revert previous change
	so cpuid instruction is called even on non-NT systems.

Christopher January www.atomice.com
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