PATCH: Better handle accented characters from the console

Bob Cassels
Tue Apr 8 19:18:00 GMT 2003

This patch allows pasting accented characters into the console, and also 
typing them using the "alt + numerics" sequences.

e.g. (with num-lock on):

<alt> 0 1 2 8 => ? 
<alt> 0 2 3 3 => é

Note that to see the Euro, you'll need to switch your console window to 
use a TrueType font.  (Click right on the window title, select 
"Properties", select a TrueType font.)  And you'll need to switch the 
console code page to something that contains the Euro -- e.g 'cmd /c chcp 

It works by taking characters from certain "key up" events.  Note that 
this stuff isn't documented anywhere I could find.  It's experimentally 
determined on my Windows XP box.  I've verified that it doesn't help (but 
doesn't make things worse) on Windows 95 (I don't see any keyboard events 
that help here, other than interpreting the raw keystrokes directly).  I 
haven't checked anywhere else.  (I don't have other systems readily 
available.)  If you know where this is documented, please let me know.

I hope this patch is simple enough to not require paperwork.

2003-04-08  Bob Cassels <>
        * In fhandler_console::read, handle
        certain key up events, to allow pasting accented characters
        and typing them using the "alt + numerics" sequences.

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