Ping: [PATCH] One liner to allow i786 (aka pentium4) in cygwin

Kelley Cook
Fri Jun 13 12:11:00 GMT 2003

A ping of this simple patch from ten days ago.  In the meantime, the
toplevel config.sub has pulled in the code to bless the 
pentium4-pc-cygwin target triple
as an alias for i786-pc-cygwin.

Note that as mentioned below either {mingw,w32api}/config.{guess,sub} 
should also
be updated to match the toplevel, or I have a really simple autoconf 
patch that will let you
delete those bogus copies and properly use the toplevel versions.

Let me know if you want to use that autoconf patch, for a cygwin 
specific patch.


Kelley Cook wrote:

> This patch allows the Cygwin DLL to be configured and compiled for
> --{host,build,target}=i786-pc-cygwin.
> After applying a pending patch to the toplevel config.sub as well as the
> hand changing the questionable old copies of config.sub that need to be
> in the mingw and w32api directories,  I have configured, compiled and
> installed the DLL for --{host,build,target}=pentium4-pc-cygwin.  A make
> check showed zero unexpected failures and one unexpected pass:
> ltp/gethostid01.c.
> Similar patches have already been installed for the toplevel, binutils,
> libiberty, and newlib.
> I also have a simple autoconf/automake patch pending which corrects the
> need for the (IMO bogus) mingw/w32api config.{sub,guess}.  Should I also
> post that patch here for inclusion in the Cygwin versions of
> autoconf/automake.
> Kelley Cook

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