EIO error on background tty reads

Rafael Kitover caelum@debian.org
Mon Jun 30 17:38:00 GMT 2003

>This isn't a cygwin internals special case knowledge type of thing.  A grep
>of cygwin sources shows that bg_check is called with one of two arguments:
>either SIGTTOU or SIGTTIN is used.  So, your change effectively makes the
>final "goto seEIO" a no-op since it specifically checks for both inputs and
>bypasses the final goto.
>Sorry, but if this fixes the problem it is a band-aid.

Sorry about previous email, mouse slipped...

Here's what I understand the fhandler_termios::bg_check method to do:

fhandler_termios::bg_check (int sig)
  if (!myself->pgid || tc->getpgid () == myself->pgid ||
        myself->ctty != tc->ntty ||
        ((sig == SIGTTOU) && !(tc->ti.c_lflag & TOSTOP)))
    return bg_ok;

If the terminal GID is the reading/writing process's GID, or the process's
controlling terminal is not the target tty, or the terminal is being written
to and
it is not stopped (ie, with ctrl+s); then return ok.

  if (pgid_gone)
    goto setEIO;

Raise an error if the process group is gone.

  else if (!sigs_ignored)
    /* nothing */;

If the signal in question, either SIGTTOU or SIGTTIN is not ignored by the
requesting the IO, then fall through the if and send the signal to the

  else if (sig == SIGTTOU)
    return bg_ok;               /* Just allow the output */

If all the other conditions are met, and a background write to a terminal is
by a process that has SIGTTOU ignored, allow the write anyway.

    goto setEIO;        /* This is an output error */

This case is only reached if the signal passed to bg_check was SIGTTIN,
there is no
condition to otherwise disallow a background read from a tty, but the
requesting the read has SIGTTIN ignored.

The comment says that this is an output error, but in this case input is
being requested.

What I don't understand is if a background write to a terminal without
sending a
SIGTTOU which it explicitly ignores is allowed, why not a background read?

This is what I propose:

Index: cygwin/fhandler_termios.cc
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cygwin/fhandler_termios.cc,v
retrieving revision 1.46
diff -u -p -r1.46 fhandler_termios.cc
--- cygwin/fhandler_termios.cc  16 Jun 2003 03:24:10 -0000      1.46
+++ cygwin/fhandler_termios.cc  30 Jun 2003 16:45:35 -0000
@@ -160,10 +160,8 @@ fhandler_termios::bg_check (int sig)
     goto setEIO;
   else if (!sigs_ignored)
     /* nothing */;
-  else if (sig == SIGTTOU)
-    return bg_ok;              /* Just allow the output */
-    goto setEIO;       /* This is an output error */
+    return bg_ok;              /* Just allow the output or input */

   /* Don't raise a SIGTT* signal if we have already been interrupted
      by another signal. */

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