Questions and a RFC [was Re: Assignment from Nicholas Wourms arrived]

Charles Wilson
Wed Aug 13 01:55:00 GMT 2003

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> Planning ahead for future possibilities is always a good thing, so in 
> that respect this seems like a sound idea.  Since we are already dealing 
> with ABI breakage, I thought I'd float this now to see what people 
> think.  Would a change like this be of benefit to Cygwin?

Hell no.  I am irrevocably and unalterably opposed to implementing this 
change before 1.5.2 goes gold.

We've already had THREE ABI breakages in the last month.  Now, you want 
to add another one -- to avoid one in the future.

Here's an idea:  lets wait until the NEXT scheduled ABI breakage to do 
yours; then we'll get two for the price of one.

Right now, cygwin-1.5.x is overdue by several months.  It NEEDS to go 
out the door; we can continually add more ABI breakages forever and 
never release a new version...but that's rather silly IMO.


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