Nicholas Wourms
Wed Oct 29 01:48:00 GMT 2003


I'm not sure how this would be taken... The only problem I see in doing 
this is if we ever decided to start supporting ia64/x86_64.  However, at 
that point we'd have to change a *ton* of other machine-dependant macros 
as well, so it seems like a rather trivial addition.  These macros seem 
to be fairly standard in both the linux and bsd worlds, so it would be 
very beneficial if we went ahead and defined them.  The reason I would 
like them is merely as a convienience factor in some socket work I'm 
doing.  I'm assuming that the windows default page shift, 12[*], will be 
an acceptable value that we can agree on?  This macro defines the base 
value upon which the aother macros calculate their values.  Based on 
that, I have attached a patch with those macros defined and some 
whitespace/tab cleanup cause by my last patch.  Because I'm not sure 
about my MUA, I've gzipped the patch to preserve formatting.


* This is the same value used by Linux/ia32, *BSD/ia32, Wine, and the 
Windows DDK in the cvs repo.
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