For masochists: the leap o faith

Robert Collins
Fri Nov 14 22:18:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 15, 2003 at 07:31:42AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>>I posted a test case to the developers list when we where working on -O3 
>>support ?two? years back - it looks like the same issue.
> This problem is fixed in the gcc cvs trunk.  I've asked Danny and Gerrit
> about backporting the fix to 3.3.2.  It should be trivial to do so.

In fact, the test case I created "back then" passes now. It may be a 
variant on a theme though.

>>So, Chris, are there any parts you've seen so far, that you've be happy 
>>to ok (i.e. the MAX_PATH->CYG_MAX_PATH rename), or the global search and 
>>replaces to the thunk functions?
> I haven't looked at anything in great detail.  This is not the best
> possible time for me to be reviewing massive changes to cygwin,
> unfortunately.

Ah. Well while there are a lot of textual changes, there are only a few 
logical changes. I'm happy to throw this into a branch and let you 
ponder - but I only have a few hours to actually work on it.

>>As far as applications maing assumptions, unix file systems don't 
>>guarantee PATH_MAX: thats an upper limit of the OS, applications are 
>>expected to be able to handle to up to PATH_MAX... but can't expect the 
>>OS to do so in every case.
> It is fairly unusual for PATH_MAX to be many times greater than what
> is support by pathconf.
>>Now, for global use of an A or W function, Chris' utf patch which I just 
>>ran into digging into a INVALID_NAME error, also chose at runtime. I can 
>>easily alter IOThunkState to always use W if available, and then check a 
>>cached flag from then on in. I really think that the current overhead 
>>will be low enough to be a non-issue though.
> Sorry but you've lost me.  I don't know what my utf patch is.

Chris January :}.

> For the record, I don't have any problems with changing PATH_MAX to
> CYG_PATH_MAX as a first step for this change.  Small steps are, as
> always, appreciated.

Alrighty, will commit that in a minute.


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